The Initiative

Scott Pruitt, Rick Perry, and Donald Trump are developing their vision of American energy leadership, and it's frightening. We are withdrawing from international agreements, stepping up drilling on public lands, building more pipelines, letting more fracking fluids and mining waste into our water, and making a bad bet on dirty, expensive, and dangerous coal. Scientists are being silenced, and data is being hidden from researchers and the public.

Massachusetts leaders are right to call out the Trump administration. But they aren't passing legislation into law that will show the world that Massachusetts has a better way forward.

So we are proposing our own model of energy leadership: a citizen-powered model. We are powered by Bay Staters who believe that science, innovation, and investment hold the promise of a better future, not extraction by industries of the past; who want to build wealth in our communities through renewable power and green jobs, not pipelines and coal ash dumps; and who see our responsibility to protect coastal and agricultural communities, not contribute to a climate of displacement and instability. And we will push this vision by collecting the signatures needed to get a renewable energy bill on the ballot -- with your help.